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Philip K. Dick: A Day in the Afterlife

Lodged here mostly just because I want to post it: A 1994 edition of BBC’s Arena program, narrated by San Francisco comic and performer Greg Proops. With Terry Gilliam, Thomas M. Disch, Brian Aldiss, Elvis Costello, and an intimidating video … Continue reading

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Everything Ordinary Too Beautiful To Bear

SPOILERS. “I’m sorry. I’m in the wrong room.” Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) closes out his arc in Season Five of Mad Men by conversing with a misplaced identity. His desperate affair with troubled housewife Beth Dawes (Alexis Bledel) ends with … Continue reading

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CoS, xoxo, PKD

There’s a lot of fine grist in Lawrence Wright’s survey of Scientology after Paul Haggis’ very public defection, newly published in the New Yorker. But it’s worth noting that one of L. Ron Hubbard’s fellow pulp writers, Philip K. Dick, … Continue reading

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