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By Its Cover: Ron Evans, Artist

Ron Evans has a ridiculous number of notches in his artistic belt. He created the comic strip Edgar Rue, about a suicide victim who finds himself taking the form of a skull and spinal column afloat in an absurdist afterlife. … Continue reading

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EARWORM! It’s Your Very Last Chance To Hurt Me

They howled for me at just the right time. I’ve been an evangelist for Brooklyn-Boston postpunk group the Beatings for several years now, as the band that distilled the anger and displacement I felt during the worst of the Bush … Continue reading

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EARWORM! Angel And The Badman

She gave him a voice, he gave her stories. He gave her street cred, she gave him access. She gave him sweetness, he gave her menace. It wasn’t a partnership that had any right to flourish, but disparate backgrounds made … Continue reading

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EARWORM! The Angels Turn To Ashes

Dream lovers are wondrous things. In our thoughts, they grow magnified until perfected, until there is no simple way to tell their story anymore. They’re archetyped. Emmylou Harris, who has loved and lost in a manner that immortalizes her even … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Heroes: Norman Cook

xx xx xx xx You could as easily give him credit in his better-known public identity, Fatboy Slim, preeminent DJ and pop collagist. But I’m more interested in where the collage materials come from, and in Cook’s deeds as a … Continue reading

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EARWORM! … CDs Taken From My Car In A Burglary, Circa 2008

1. Belle & Sebastian: The Boy With the Arab Strap

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