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EXCERPT: “The Features Are Not Important.”

(The Curse of Frankenstein [1957] spends a lot of time ruminating about physiognomy. From Chapter 5 of my new e-book The Curse of Frankenstein: A Dissection, available for Kindle.) Victor inspects an eyeball pinched in a forceps, using a magnifying … Continue reading

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Things I Liked And Disliked About THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Spoilers. LIKED: Andrew Garfield Blinky, twitchy, mumbly, maybe a dash too much of each, sure — but his Peter Parker is a smart, bruised kid who’s jittery with the fear that he’ll lose even more than he already has.

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I Talked To This Lady And She Is Awesome

“My real name is Noreen Roth, but after I played J. Carrol Naish’s daughter in a film, The Southerner, my agent suggested changing it to Noreen Nash (without the ‘I’). Everything was alliteration in those days — Greer Garson, Marilyn … Continue reading

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In Which I Spoil THOR By Asking Questions About It (Spoilers)

xx xx xx xx Seriously, spoilers after the jump. But let’s get real, there’s an Avengers movie coming down the pike with Thor in it, and everybody knows that. This ain’t The Crying Game.

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Mildly Updated: 5 Subtle Things I Liked About SALT (2010) … w/ spoilers

Salt, in case you’ve forgotten, was the sneaky popcorn movie with Angelina Jolie (in a part originally written for Tom Cruise) as an elite U.S. covert agent who’s actually an elite covert Russian agent. Planted in American society as a … Continue reading

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