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Comix Trip

Gerry Conway, writer: “We were just winging it, sort of like jazz riffing. And if you can think of the idiocy of trying to manage a jazz set, that’s kind of the idiocy, in my view, of trying to manage … Continue reading

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Scientific Progress Goes KRA-KOOM!!

“It’s the opposite of vague. We’re defining it in a very clear, tangible way. … We want to be able to describe it in one sentence.” — Francis Manapul, writer, The Flash, on the Speed Force Manapul said this to … Continue reading

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The Long Con

Emerald City Comicon hit early puberty with its tenth installment in Seattle last weekend, bursting its pants like a hormone-swelled middle-schooler. At its peak on Saturday, crowds were such that the con became unnavigable, any planned rendezvous unkeepable, and popular … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Heroes: Marie Severin

She was just one in a lineup of artists, but when it came to Marvel’s classic “Incredible Hulk” tales, she was the irreplaceable one. Paging through backissues or a Marvel Essentials trade, the green behemoth pencilled by Marie Severin is … Continue reading

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The Identity Game

“Did the costumes make it good?” Laurie (Silk Spectre) Juspeczyk asks Dan (Nite Owl) Dreiberg, in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen. The two are reclining nude at the time, although their lovemaking began after a dramatic rescue in the … Continue reading

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In Which I Spoil THOR By Asking Questions About It (Spoilers)

xx xx xx xx Seriously, spoilers after the jump. But let’s get real, there’s an Avengers movie coming down the pike with Thor in it, and everybody knows that. This ain’t The Crying Game.

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