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Bridge Across The Water

After it was first sighted last month by a fishing boat floating along the Western Washington State coast, eventually washing up on the Olympic National Park, it was confirmed that the 19-meter long dock was one of four that used … Continue reading

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Sorry I Haven’t Posted …

… but this long hiatus seemed like an excellent chance to try out for Cory Arcangel’s blog curation project Sorry I Haven’t Posted. Time will tell. Condo Fucks — This Is Where I Belong

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Driveway Moments

National Public Radio seems to just be noticing that media culture comes in facets, made to order for the end user. The argument made by NPR journalist Elizabeth Blair yesterday is that the “common experience” once shared by goobjillions of … Continue reading

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Dr. Seuss’s Beowulf (A Fragment)

Hwaet! Beinnan morgen, hé cunnan … … a sé Hwá mædencilda and cnihta áwæcnedon ærmorgenum. Færræsum for plægdeden! And aefter! O dyne! O dyne! Dyne! Dyne! Dyne! Sé an færgryre þæs hete! O DYNE! DYNE! DYNE! DYNE! James Brown — Santa Claus, Go Straight … Continue reading

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