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David Lowery And Emily The Intern, Viewed Through The Lens Of Sir Paul

David Lowery made and makes some fantastic indie music, and writes deep, thoughtful blogposts on the state of the music industry that has both succored and frustrated him. Emily White is a college DJ and blogger whose stray thoughts on … Continue reading

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Mass Effect, Fanservice, And Blowback

I’m not a gamer. I have no console, I have an addictive personality, and I run a Mac — three strikes. If I could play games that aren’t directly ported to Mac (yes, I know about Boot Camp and it … Continue reading

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Driveway Moments

National Public Radio seems to just be noticing that media culture comes in facets, made to order for the end user. The argument made by NPR journalist Elizabeth Blair yesterday is that the “common experience” once shared by goobjillions of … Continue reading

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