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Comix Trip

Gerry Conway, writer: “We were just winging it, sort of like jazz riffing. And if you can think of the idiocy of trying to manage a jazz set, that’s kind of the idiocy, in my view, of trying to manage … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Heroes: Christopher Drake

xx Somebody’s gotta keep these projects classy. DC Universe, the animated arm of the DC Comics empire, has carved out a niche by mining and exploiting classic comics storylines for direct-to-video product. How they manage that material is up for … Continue reading

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Batman: The Character Of A City

Anton Furst chose to die by architecture. It’s darkly fitting, because the production designer of Tim Burton’s Batman films had hinted to us that architecture could kill — specifically, that a city could be a mad thing, hostile to the … Continue reading

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Things I Liked And Disliked About THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Spoilers. LIKED: Andrew Garfield Blinky, twitchy, mumbly, maybe a dash too much of each, sure — but his Peter Parker is a smart, bruised kid who’s jittery with the fear that he’ll lose even more than he already has.

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The 5 Pre-AVENGERS Flicks In Order Of Quality

5. Iron Man 2 (2010) It’s a messy casserole of Avengers promotion and crossover frippery, shoehorning in unnecessary supporting characters and dual archvillains, devolving its hero to the shallow dickweed he was at the start of the first movie just … Continue reading

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Scientific Progress Goes KRA-KOOM!!

“It’s the opposite of vague. We’re defining it in a very clear, tangible way. … We want to be able to describe it in one sentence.” — Francis Manapul, writer, The Flash, on the Speed Force Manapul said this to … Continue reading

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The Long Con

Emerald City Comicon hit early puberty with its tenth installment in Seattle last weekend, bursting its pants like a hormone-swelled middle-schooler. At its peak on Saturday, crowds were such that the con became unnavigable, any planned rendezvous unkeepable, and popular … Continue reading

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