Baron Frankenstein’s Christmas Donation

Cover by Ron Evans, © 2013 Boron EntertainmentIt’s time to tally up sales of my e-book The Curse of Frankenstein: A Dissection. Hey, look at that, we sold 16 downloads in three months! That’s … well, that’s no Cum For Bigfoot, I’ll say that much. But I’m grateful for every purchase, and since it’s Christmas, it’s time to parcel out some of the proceeds to the charity to which they were designated.

At the book’s launch in September, I pledged 50 cents from every $2.99 Kindle purchase to the Family Acceptance Project — a San Francisco State University research program that studies the dynamics of young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people coming out to their families, and offers tools to ease the transition. Many parents reject their LGBT children, and the consequences of that rejection can be dire.

Because an eight dollar donation seemed a tad chintzy, I topped up the fund to an even $100 and dispatched the contribution online over the weekend.

The donation pledge still stands and always will, so feel free to buy at this link and expect your portion to be disbursed in some future round of giving. If you buy, please encourage others to do so by leaving a review at Amazon, passing this blog entry around to your friends, the usual dance. And please know that profits from planned future incarnations of the book — a print edition due in spring and a possible podcast commentary track — will also go to the Family Acceptance Project at a similar rate.

My thanks to all who encouraged and endorsed this project, and best wishes for the Christmas season and for 2014.

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