By Its Cover: Ron Evans, Artist

Ron Evans has a ridiculous number of notches in his artistic belt. He created the comic strip Edgar Rue, about a suicide victim who finds himself taking the form of a skull and spinal column afloat in an absurdist afterlife. He founded a band called The Bloody Oranges, occasionally consisting of just himself, through which he’s distributed piles and piles of original music. And with several friends he launched the paranormal-conspiracist podcast Tales From the Spacepod, addressing every oddity from cryptids to UFOs to chemtrails.

Most importantly, though, Ron contributed the cover illustration to The Curse of Frankenstein: A Dissection, my ebook about queer undertones found in the 1957 Hammer horror movie. Ron did me the favor of submitting to a brief artist interview.

Cover by Ron Evans, © 2013 Boron EntertainmentWhy is October your favorite month?

TCM monster movie marathons, skeletons in every window, corn syrup is acceptable and I look hella good in a scarf. Are the kids still saying hella?

Who would win in a swordfight: Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee?

Lee by a country mile. He’s over 90 and playing heavy gall durn metal. ON THE ROAD.

What’s your favorite Hammer horror movie?

Tie between Twins of Evil and Vampire Circus.  

What makes The Curse of Frankenstein a great movie?

Peter Cushing being at his Peter Cushingest. He was born to play that role.

When’s the next issue of Edgar Rue coming out?

I’m no longer doing single issues of Edgar but I hope to have the 200-page Newbianna Chronicles Book II out by Christmas ’13.

What’s a topic you’d like to cover on Tales From the Spacepod, but haven’t? 

9/11 Conspiracies.

What’s the best thing about conspiracy theories?

A good conspiracy theory makes you think, if only briefly, outside the beliefs that we take at face value. A healthy exercise. Up to a point.

Where can people buy your art, comic books, magazines, etc.?

Links to all my shenanigans can be found at

Sample and download The Curse of Frankenstein: A Dissection at Amazon.
Fifty cents of each US$2.99 download goes to The Family Acceptance Project,
a research program to aid young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
and their families.

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