It’s here. Click that link to sample and download The Curse of Frankenstein: A Dissection to your Kindle device, for US$2.99.

What is this e-book? It’s a scene-by-scene assessment of the 1957 thriller that launched Hammer Films’ legacy of full-color horror movies. The crux of my argument, from the Introduction: “The Curse of Frankenstein is a parable of gay coupling that takes place under repression. It produces unnatural issue, and that issue is monstrous — an annihilator of youth, purity, and family.”

You’re not just buying it to enrich my wallet and ego. Fifty cents of each US$2.99 download— a quarter of author’s royalties, after Amazon takes its chunk — goes to The Family Acceptance Project, a research program to aid young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families.

Please read, recommend, share, review (Amazon star reviews really help spread the word), like The Curse of Frankenstein: A Dissection on Facebook, and enjoy. And since this is the Internet, if you’ve never watched The Curse of Frankenstein, I’m supposed to warn you that this scene-by-scene analysis contains SPOILERS.


Birdland with Lester Bangs — Textbook Case

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