Things I Liked And Disliked About THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN



Andrew Garfield

Blinky, twitchy, mumbly, maybe a dash too much of each, sure — but his Peter Parker is a smart, bruised kid who’s jittery with the fear that he’ll lose even more than he already has.

Peter and Gwen

A believable, natural progression from unfamiliarity to admiration to affection, between two people who exist on the same intellectual plane, broken or threatened by real tragedy: “You didn’t come to the funeral” rather than “You didn’t come to my play.”

Uncle Ben and Aunt May

Tough working folks, full of love, neither of them fading with age or faint with fright as portrayed in the comics or the predecessor movies, doing their best for a very damaged foster son.


C. Thomas Howell: Hero Crane Operator


Is OsCorp based in Avengers Tower?

Curt Connors

WTF with this guy? Clam up about eliminating “weakness” from the human genome and just admit you feel like less of a man since you lost your arm. A badly-written villain abetted by unconvincing creature design and FX.

“If you have the power to help someone, you have the responsibility to do it,” says Uncle Ben, who then gets himself killed by doing something he has no power to do — taking a gun away from a younger, quicker, hardened criminal — and helps no one in the process.

As my five-year-old put it, “(Yawn) This is the longest show ever. (zzzzz.)”

 Guided By Voices — Spiderfighter

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