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EARWORM! Angel And The Badman

She gave him a voice, he gave her stories. He gave her street cred, she gave him access. She gave him sweetness, he gave her menace. It wasn’t a partnership that had any right to flourish, but disparate backgrounds made … Continue reading

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Scientific Progress Goes KRA-KOOM!!

“It’s the opposite of vague. We’re defining it in a very clear, tangible way. … We want to be able to describe it in one sentence.” — Francis Manapul, writer, The Flash, on the Speed Force Manapul said this to … Continue reading

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Mass Effect, Fanservice, And Blowback

I’m not a gamer. I have no console, I have an addictive personality, and I run a Mac — three strikes. If I could play games that aren’t directly ported to Mac (yes, I know about Boot Camp and it … Continue reading

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A Game Of Stones

SPOILERS. People are bagging in force on The Hunger Games’ directorial choices, specifically the drunken cameraman style of filming. Director Gary Ross has his public rationalizations, but there’s something more at play. I think Ross is trying (or acting unconsciously) … Continue reading

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The Long Con

Emerald City Comicon hit early puberty with its tenth installment in Seattle last weekend, bursting its pants like a hormone-swelled middle-schooler. At its peak on Saturday, crowds were such that the con became unnavigable, any planned rendezvous unkeepable, and popular … Continue reading

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