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Wednesday’s Heroes: Marie Severin

She was just one in a lineup of artists, but when it came to Marvel’s classic “Incredible Hulk” tales, she was the irreplaceable one. Paging through backissues or a Marvel Essentials trade, the green behemoth pencilled by Marie Severin is … Continue reading

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From The Landslide

I first got wind of the story — and in journalism the thing that kills or wounds or impoverishes another human being is always “the story,” because that is part of the emotional filtering we must do to write about it … Continue reading

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Press Gang: How ‘State Of Play’ Killed the Journalism Movie

Maybe “killed” is too strong a word. The 2003 BBC miniseries, with its raft of stars who are by now adored on all shores of the Atlantic (Bill Nighy, James McAvoy, Kelly MacDonald) — even if it’s mostly for playing … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Heroes: Rayner Unwin

xxx xx You had to wonder whether he got his name in the manuscript somehow. J.R.R. Tolkien, already partial to names like “Undómiel,” “Celeborn” and “Éowyn,” would surely have found cause to pay tribute to Rayner Unwin in such an … Continue reading

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Sorry I Haven’t Posted …

… but this long hiatus seemed like an excellent chance to try out for Cory Arcangel’s blog curation project Sorry I Haven’t Posted. Time will tell. Condo Fucks — This Is Where I Belong

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