3 Responses to Con-Go

  1. Andrew Wahl says:

    I concur … with most of this. My one point of contention: If all those people in costumes got the heck out of the way, I would have room for an even BIGGER rollerbag to fill with Bronze Age loot. Just sayin’.

  2. Andrew Wahl says:

    That’s a fine idea, really. I could equip it with a cattle guard to scoot the damn cosplayers out of my way.

    I used to hire my children to be my caddies/manservants at conventions, but they priced themselves out of the market. Now it’s the rollerbag. It holds comics loot AND snacks. No more spendy convention food for me — and more money for Bronze goodness.

    No rollerbags. Bah! You sound like the damn rulemakers down at Comic-Con International.

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