2 Responses to Cases Of Conscience: THE TRANSPORTER vs. TAKEN

  1. George says:

    Man, where do you get the time to watch all of these movies? The most 8th-grade part of me likes action movies of this ilk, but they never make it to the Netflix queue for fear of endangering my gray matter. Anywho, what’s with Liam Neeson taking these roles? He was once considered a high-caliber art-house actor, but lately he’s been walking his way through these pseudo-badass bits (A-Team?! Really?). I wonder if it is either mid-life crisis or post-Natasha crisis. Did his tragic loss precipitate his desire to re-invent himself as muscled do-gooder? Perhaps just for the money, worried that he is the sole income-earner for his kids?

    • Jefferson Robbins says:

      Natasha Richardson’s death post-dates the release of Taken, so that’s probably not it. Very good actors who like to work a lot will often wind up in bad movies — Michael Caine, case in point. There’s an argument to be made that Neeson’s character is more interesting than I make out here, that he’s actually a completely damaged, amoral man whose only ethical waypoint is his love for his kid. But that’s digging way deeper than the movie invites us to.

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