Mildly Updated: 5 Subtle Things I Liked About SALT (2010) … w/ spoilers

Salt, in case you’ve forgotten, was the sneaky popcorn movie with Angelina Jolie (in a part originally written for Tom Cruise) as an elite U.S. covert agent who’s actually an elite covert Russian agent. Planted in American society as a tightly-conditioned sleeper agent, Salt’s mission is to do some damage to the nation’s interests, by kicking lots of ass and looking fabulous … albeit very, very bony. But she may just wind up being the country’s best tool for unraveling the Cold War cabal that spawned her.

With that out of the way, here’s the best parts. Imma spoil the shit out of this one, punk suckas …

1. Audience indictment: When we first see the most objectified woman in the world, we’re asked to objectify her while she’s tied down near-naked, beaten, and ruthlessly tortured.

2. The Russian nesting dolls in Evelyn Salt’s apartment.

3. The “reverse immigration” shot, as Salt, in Russian-style hat and wrap, sails away from the Statue of Liberty.

4. Hey, it’s Pembleton! Hi, Pembleton!


5. The ultimate triumph of a torture victim strangling her oppressor — a powerful CIA chief whose cover is executive of an oil firm and who speaks with a cornpone George W. Bush accent — by assuming the most brutal of the “stress positions” employed by American interrogators in black sites sites the world over.

Martin Briley — Salt in My Tears

(Jan. 10, 2011) Note: Reliable observers, notably Bill Chambers at Film Freak Central and Dan Owen at Dan’s Media Digest, inform me that the director’s cut and extended cut of Salt (both viewable on the disc release) are vastly different animals. The extended version sheds a different light on Evelyn Salt’s motivations, Dan says, and Bill points to the director’s edition significantly altering the way the final confrontation plays out. “It’s the new KINGDOM OF HEAVEN,” Dan tweets. “If you watch it, whatever you do, DON’T watch the original cut.”

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3 Responses to Mildly Updated: 5 Subtle Things I Liked About SALT (2010) … w/ spoilers

  1. Ipodman says:

    Great movie! That final move that killed Liev’s character really shocked me O.O

  2. Rikki King says:

    I liked this movie, but only because it was an action movie that at least a little pandered to movies. That said, the whole sleeper cell agent thing is way overplayed, amiright?

  3. AnnaBanana says:

    God, I loved Frank Pembleton…

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