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Wednesday’s Heroes: Abe Sauer

The credo that Real Journalism would not quail before the Internet, but would instead become a hardy amphibian that hunts in new waters, finds its apotheosis here. Abe Sauer is such a creature, plying the digital currents and explaining two-thirds … Continue reading

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Driveway Moments

National Public Radio seems to just be noticing that media culture comes in facets, made to order for the end user. The argument made by NPR journalist Elizabeth Blair yesterday is that the “common experience” once shared by goobjillions of … Continue reading

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Mildly Updated: 5 Subtle Things I Liked About SALT (2010) … w/ spoilers

Salt, in case you’ve forgotten, was the sneaky popcorn movie with Angelina Jolie (in a part originally written for Tom Cruise) as an elite U.S. covert agent who’s actually an elite covert Russian agent. Planted in American society as a … Continue reading

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