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It’s hard at first  to have much sympathy for the tale-teller of Neil Diamond’s 1971 hit “I Am … I Said.” He’s at the pinnacle but looking back to his earthbound days. Yet his ennui is not merely pitiable self-regard, … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Heroes: Lou Scheimer

Call him the Man Who Was Not Joseph Barbera. Lou Scheimer was taking cues from such creators on how to do memorable animation on the cheap, but what he produced as head of Filmation from 1966 to 1988 was memorable … Continue reading

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The Friday Archives: iMacGuffin: Portable Infotech and Suspense Cinema

Originally posted July 27, 2010 on the Film Freak Central blog. Thanks to WordPress’ hostility to Vimeo and YouTube’s hostility to embeds from Paramount and Universal, it’s probably best watched there. I was proud of this work, but when I … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Heroes: John Clute

xxx xxx xxx It has heft, this work, and its like may not be seen again in printed form. The author himself has moved beyond the book, vowing that future iterations will exist only in our new shared online ether. … Continue reading

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EARWORM! The Lindsay Lohan Moment

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx She was so close. She was nearly there. And in 2003, just before she fell down that rabbit hole and got replaced by a drunken changeling, she gave us one of the best pop songs of … Continue reading

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EARWORM! Soul Brothers No. 1 and 2

You don’t expect a superstar to be discovered by his own backup singer, but that’s a debt we owe to Bobby Byrd. The gospel-trained shouter not only boasted an earthy voice and a powerful sense of rhythm, but he knew … Continue reading

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